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[RyoUchi] Of Games and Apples

Title: Of Games and Apples
Author: blufox_o7
Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki
Disclaimer: Non-profit work. I own none of the characters.
Word Count: 1022
Summary: Uchi is an emo kid, and Ryo is just plain sarcastic.
Notes: I guess I’m pretty much an asshole coz I’ve made up my mind to cut my next class and just do a fanfic or something. )): Well, it’s not like I really want to (shut up!), but it’s raining hard, and I have to walk towards my next building for about 5 minutes? It’s not that far, but far enough for me to get soaked. =/ I’m really not in the mood to get sick coz I have a lot up in school. Apparently, I have a high chance of getting a B in my Statistics class. That totally ruined my day. So this is how I vent my anger, kthnxbai.

And oh, don’t get fooled. Really, this one’s not angst. Lol

Of Games and Apples
by: blufox_o7

It’s the same story. A person at his peak falls down and strives to get back at the game. It’s always been the same. It never changed, and perhaps it never will.

Flipping page after page, Uchi struggles to fight the yawn from coming out of his mouth and fails. He stops a few minutes later. He silently wonders why he’s playing the character this time, and why happy endings don’t happen in real life.

His cellphone rings. It’s a message from Ryo.

Uchi gets up and stretches a little. He forces himself to put on a happy face and leaves.

The story has always been the same.


Ryo stands awkwardly outside a ramen house. His nose scrunches a little when the scent of smoke travels to his nose.

He has never been a fan of cigarettes.

Ryo flips his phone open and sighs. He wonders what’s taking Uchi so long.

Uchi arrives three minutes and 27 seconds past their call time. Ryo knows because he counted. He’s never been a great fan of late people, either. But Uchi has always been an exception. Why? Ryo doesn’t know. But at the back of his head, someone is telling him that Uchi is special. And apparently, it’s enough for Ryo to listen.

They enter the ramen house and order their food. As usual, they took the table on the left corner that’s a bit secluded from the rest.

While eating their ramen, Ryo noticed that none of them has really spoken in a while. He tilts his head up and opens his mouth to start a conversation only to find Uchi earnestly playing his DS with a slight frown on his face.

Ryo sighs and takes out his own DS.

He knows that what they’re doing is not normal, but Ryo doesn’t see the need to change the scene. As odd as it sounds, Uchi looks most normal when he’s playing videogames. Ryo likes it more than his fake smiles.

“Ah! I won!” Uchi exclaims while half standing from his seat. He beams at Ryo and shows him the screen.

Ryo is appalled. Uchi reached pass his level.


When he has time (and he has a lot), Uchi goes through old magazine issues and reads his interviews. Sometimes, he studies his photoshoots too.

He does this so he can remember where he was back then, and continue where he left off.

However, there are times when his chest would hurt a little and he’d have the need to close the magazine before he’s done reading them. It’s during those times when he remembers everything that happened before. It’s hard, Uchi thinks, to hear Yoko’s laugh bounce back in his head. Or remember the way Subaru would make a face that would totally have the whole room rolling in laughter.

Once, Ryo called him up when he’s in that state. He told him he couldn’t go this time. I’m feeling a bit tired, he says. Ryo says it’s okay and then hangs up.

Uchi hugs his legs and rests his head a little above his knees. He wasn’t exactly lying when he said that he was tired.


Uchi doesn’t know, but Ryo knows him a lot better than he thinks. Ryo thinks it’s creepy in a lot of ways but he figured its best this way. If it weren’t for him, Uchi might have lost his way and headed on a journey to find continent Mu.

Ryo takes pride for being a good keeper. Often times, he tries to forget about the drinking incident to make it more believable. But apparently, it’s one of the things that other people can’t forget and he just has to be reminded of it every single day.

He still thinks he’s a good keeper, though. After all, there’s nothing wrong with Uchi. He’s just fine just the way he is.

Ryo puts another takoyaki in his mouth and ignores Ohkura’s whine. He just hopes that Uchi at least knows that.


Uchi doesn’t know how long he had been declining Ryo’s invitations. But he thinks that he has probably been doing it for a lot of times to find a furious Ryo by his doorstep.

He gathers his thoughts and thinks of what to do. Ryo’s not following the script and Uchi feels lost. He tries to think harder but Ryo’s fist interrupts him from doing so.

He doesn’t know what to do. Does he have to cry? Be mad? Say sorry? Uchi feels more lost than before.

He opens his mouth and waits for his voice to come out. “You’re not supposed to—” he starts but Ryo cuts him again.

“There’s no script, Uchi,” he says in an indulgent tone.

Uchi just stares at Ryo. Ryo stares back. Finally, he sighs and makes his move out. Ryo grabs an apple on top of the table as he heads to the door.

“I’m grabbing this apple,” he says before finally going out.

Uchi looks at the floor and sighs. “As if it weren’t obvious,” he says to no one in particular.


When Uchi showed up in Ryo’s flat two weeks later, Ryo couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. Uchi had his backpack with him full of video games and DVDs. He also has a huge pillow, which he conveniently held tightly in his arms.

Ryo thinks that Uchi is a dork, definitely a dork, but he lets him be because he likes Uchi best when he’s smiling and laughing with his mouth so wide, Ryo couldn’t help but wonder if his fist can fit inside. (It probably could).

Uchi stayed in Ryo’s flat for five fays. At the back of Ryo’s head, he wanted to tease Uchi that he’s such a girl for throwing himself his own slumber party. But Ryo figured that Uchi’s too manly now to be called a girl. Silently, he wonders if dying Uchi’s hair brown would give him the right to do so. He erases the thought right away.

Ryo sighs and cleans up the mess that Uchi left.

He should really stop being a sore loser.

** Uhm, done? Interpret as you wish. ((: I’m in srs writing slump right now and I want to overcome it so if anyone has a prompt in mind, just give it to me, and I’ll try to do it. ((:

Tags: pairing: nishikido ryo/ uchi hiroki

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